Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thanks to OSensei Muntzing

OSensei Muntzing was able to join us after the black belt test on Wednesday. He shared with us his wisdom, as always. We are extremely grateful for him to take time to help us better ourselves. I'd like to encourage any brown belt (or higher) to make the effort to come next time he does. It's very eye opening to hear his thoughts on karate. (If you feel like you never know when he is going to come, Sensei Ray sends out an email to notify us. If he doesn't have your email address he can't get it to you. Send it to me (Sensei Kristi) and I will get it to him.)

Congratulations Sensei Donna and Sensei Selleck!

After years and years of hard work and dedication these two had the moment of a lifetime Wednesday night. Selleck and Donna both received their black belts. We congratulate them and want them to know how proud we are for their great accomplishment. They are now good beginners! Congratulations, you two!!