Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brown Belts Galore

Fantastic class! I remember when a blue belt was considered a rare upper belt. I had 6 brown belts in my advanced class today and it was so much fun! We just worked black belt stuff, but it was nice. Sempai Selleck and Sempai Donna have their black belt test coming up next month so we're starting to cram! They're doing great!

Tue 5-27

We had a great class on Tue 5-27. Cassandra and Elena advanced to green belts. Hannah advanced to blue belt. We had a fun exercise where we flag sparred using a bullpen. As students passed me, I tapped their shoulder to enter the bullpen and take a fellow student's flag. At the end, I tapped each student's shoulder as they passed. It was great fun to see the controlled chaos of an entire class flag sparring at the same time. Amazingly, there were just a few bruises, and no actual blood was spilled. - Sensei Kim

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Obstacle Course

Today in Little Dragons we did our obstacle course. It went well, as usual. We also played a quick game of Name Popcorn. That's what I call it anyway. We rolled a big ball back and forth, around a big circle calling each other's names before we passed it.

Jonah earned his blue stripe today. That means he's been attending our class for 9 months and has been working hard. Congratulations Jonah!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Self Defense Clinic

Sempai Selleck and I taught a small self defense class at the Rec Center yesterday. It went really well. It was just a mom and her two daughters. They seemed to have enjoyed it and didn't need any encouraging to hit things, which surprised me. We ran out of time for the Redman suit though, dangit. I guess I just talk to much. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Weapons Night

Last night was weapons night. We worked mostly with chucks. Nunchuck form 1 . That's basically what we do. Caleb discovered he could do a roll from his shoulder down to his leg. (You know, the twirly, twirly part of the form) It was awesome! He can do it down and then back up! Fancy, fancy.

Styrofoam Elbows

We had lots of fun in class on Thursday. I (Sensei Kristi) just got a new fridge that came packed in lots of long skinny pieces of styrofoam. My little sister Nikki and I discovered that it's a blast to break them using an elbow strike technique. I brought all the styrofoam I had to class and let everyone have a go. It was a lot of fun, but kinda messy. We tried putting a sheet down to catch the styrofoam, but when you hit it, it would go flying. We talked about how styrofoam is a lot easier to break than an elbow, but it was fun to actually break something with this technique.